Favorite & Least Favorite Colors?

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Post by Rainbow » Tue Aug 03, 2004 6:06 pm

So far as I can tell, I think Sailor Saturn has indigo as her main fuku color--between blue and violet, right? Then again, this is odd, but she gets less screentime too! You kind of have a point, but maybe it's neglected because some would wonder why it's listed in the rainbow anyway, given that it's a mix of blue and purple. Why not have red-orange, gold, yellow-green, turquoise, and magenta in the rainbow too? They're on the color wheel in the art classes, right?

Actually, I like that color too, since it's a cross between two of my favorites, blue and purple.

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Post by RoastedTwinkies » Tue Aug 03, 2004 6:06 pm


Hair: the darker shades of blonde, red
Color: blue, white

Least Favorite:

Hair: brown, black (on non asian people), blonde on blacks, colors that aren't natural with the race.
Color: brown, icky greens like hospital green (like Anthy mentioned), menstrual red (LMAO)

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Post by Sailor Wind » Wed Aug 04, 2004 6:49 pm

Hair Color: Brown
Combo: Black & Blue
Overall: Black & Blue

Hair Color: White
Combo: Erm...anything white...ooo and grey!
Overall: White & Grey.