ABC/CBS story breaks from when I was a kid...and more!

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ABC/CBS story breaks from when I was a kid...and more!

Post by Passions55 » Tue Jun 10, 2008 2:22 am

man this brings me back to the days when I was little. If any one remembers on Saturdays back in the 80's and early nineties they had something called the on the ABC and CBS station called the ABC story breaks that had a wonderful fairytale story or other in animation form. I still remember the intros they where awsome here are a few:

this is the ABC one ... re=related

this next one was the CBS one and it's may favorite my favorite especially the scene with the fly horse, I knew I was about to see something magical: ... re=related

here is a clip of a story that I really enjoyed about a jungle cat that learned how to uses fire and fight off evil rivals cats: ... re=related

and another one: the Secret World of Og, this one actually scared me a little when I was young: ... re=related

and the Amazing Bunjee venture: ... re=related

and who can forget...After these messages... ... re=related
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Post by Jusenkyo no Pikachu » Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:18 am

Since I'm Aussie, this is more my style

I do believe that's Holly Brisley as Sailor Moon in that clip. Holly is most recently known for playing Amanda Vale in the Aussie soap Home and Away. And Jamie Dunn (the man behind the "Agro" puppet) these days works for the Austereo Radio network.

Here's Mr Squiggle, lots of fun for everyone!

And finally (for this post) Lift-Off, with its weird sentient faceless doll (the first thing shown in the titles) and an end title song that incorporates most (if not all) of the episode titles.

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