Plays that become movies like them or hate them?

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Plays that become movies like them or hate them?

Post by Senshi_of_Vision » Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:43 pm

The Sweeny Todd thread has me thinking there have been some good movie conversions of Plays and some bad. My favorites are oldies like Guys and Dolls, I just love seeing Jackie Gleason, Frank Sinatra and the like in those rolls. Then you got Chicago, Fiddler on the roof and others that are gems.

But on the flip side and I know some may argue I could not stand Rent the movie. I loved the play but the movie..*headache and a half* I didnt like it the flow seemed wrong to me the switching scenes didnt give the quality a live version of it does.

Also Id love to see the play Miss Saigon turned into a movie but I fear it also due to the Rent thing. But I think with a good director that it could be done right. Also the play Crazy For you not sure anyone else here heard of it, but its a funny romantic comedy and im not normally into those but if that one got made into a movie id watch it.

LoL wonder if anyone can tell I was a broadway baby yet? ^_^
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