greys anatomy

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greys anatomy

Post by sailorceres » Tue Oct 17, 2006 8:34 pm

who watches it? whos who should meredith choose finn or derek? your fave charcater? anything and everything about the awesome show..

lets see, i loove meredith and addison annoys me a bit. shes a good doctor but she lost her husband because it s her fault qand shouldnt come after him.

derek and meredith should be together.ALWAYS!mcdreamy rocks!

mcsteamy is annoying and to full of himself.

i dont really like the relationship between callie and george, he s to cute foir her
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Post by SMfanx1000 » Fri Nov 03, 2006 8:46 pm

So sad that your topic wasn't replied to! But I watch the show...

Yep I like Meredith too, and yeah she probably should go with Derek, thought now it's a little complicated with the fact that he..
I'll put this in a spoiler in case you haven't seen it...

[spoiler]walked away from her... after she broke up with Finn, and chose HIM! The drama![/spoiler]
How up to date are you anyway? I'm not saying you aren't, but i watch three shows on TV and I'm behind on Naruto!! Waah!!:'(

Yeah and the Izzy Denny thing is over too.. I though they were a *shudder* cute couple. I like Izzy a lot, and Christina! The deadpan I-don't-care attitude with some breakthroughs of caring is cool IMO.
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OMG YAY CHEESE! Thank you Insanity test. And thank you Neon Heart for posting it! ^^

Ummm... naruto rocks! most episodes english and jp. w/subtitles can be found on youtube.

A beautiful song from the movie The Last Samurai! Check it out on Rhapsody Hans Zimmer-A Way of Life (turn the volume up because it''s quiet)

That is all for now. Later! ;)