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Post by Passions55 » Thu Aug 02, 2007 12:38 am

I used to be a very into the soap Oprah passions. Now I can' stand it. My favorite character on the show was Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald but the writers have gone and slowly assassinated my favorite character and tried to turn her into some super villainous . She used to be a very sympathetic character but now the writers have made her so degrading by making her chase after a guy who treats her like crap all the time. Seriously this whole show just revolves around Theresa getting dumped on and bashed by every single character on the show. Why the heck should I tune it just to see my favorite (or former favorite) character get screwed over all the time.

I absolutely hate the characters of Gwen Hotchkiss and her ho bag Mother Rebbecca. These two are the only ones on the show that get away completely with all the shit they pull and never get their come uppance. If the lousy writer of this show ever gets his act together and writes these two (especially Gwen) getting whats coming to them and make them go down in a blazing glory, then a I'll tune in.