Rock Band

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Rock Band

Post by MarioKnight » Sun Jan 20, 2008 11:31 pm

So this has been out a couple months now, and I'm wondering if anyone here has played this yet. I picked up this game a tad unconventionally, as one of my friends apparently got bored with it quick (fucking crazy if you ask me, but I am not afraid to take advantage of idioticy) and traded in his game and guitar to his store, and was looking for someone to sell his drums and mic to. I initially thought it was just the drums and decided to shoot in the dark and offer $20, but he asked if the offer was for the mic to so I raised it to $30 and he agreed. o.o The very next day I called his store to have the game itself held for me until my break (he works at another GS, so I ca use my discount and edge card) which I was able to get for about $40. This was on New Year's Eve, and he was going to drive the drums and mic to me at my store on the next day. So can't complain much getting everything but the guitar and USB hub for around $70. And I'm borrowing a guitar from one of my friends as of last week.

This is probably by far the most fun music based game I have ever played. Not to say the other games I've played haven't been fun. I still enjoy DDR quite a bit and beatmania IIDX is a good challenge. I've only played bits and pieces of the Guitar Heroes so I can't say much about them, same for Karaoke Revolution which I've played only twice. Rock Band has a great solo mode for each instrument. I've gone through guitar and drums both on medium, and even started drums on hard. All I have to say about drums on hard is that double foot pedals suck. ^^;;; Drums is a good alternative from the other instruments that have been focused on, and they haven't been really given a good game over here in the US. The best I ever got to playing drums over here was a Percussion Freaks machine in my arcade for about half a year. So I'm having a lot of fun on drums. Doing decent on guitar, might start that on hard fairly soon. Vocals..... let's not talk about vocals. ^^;;;;;;;

Where Rock Band has its magic is its multiplayer. If you get 2 or more people together you can play the band world tour mode. I brought this up to my old housemate's place and it was awesome. I was on drums, Sean on vocals, and Josh on and off on guitar. Apparently on a Friday night he had enough of a life to go out to bars with other people now and then. =P And me and Sean didn't stop playing for over six hours except for when we ordered food in. I honestly can't remember the last time where a game sucked me and other people in for such a long period of time (though Brawl looks to be the next game to do this come this March).

Another great thing about Rock Band is the downloadable content. New songs are added for download every week, most in packs but also individually so you're not forced to get the packs. Soon full albums will be added in as well. And you can actually use the DLC in the band world tour mode. It's nice to see a music game finally actually offer DLC on a regular basis.

So has anyone else here experienced Rock Band?
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Post by michikodesu » Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:22 pm

I would think that I wasn't the only one who has played rock band besides MarioKnight!!

I LOOOOOVE the game!!! My boyfriend's roommate got it for Christmas.....the box arrived at the house and was opened around 6:00 that evening. I didn't go home until 2:00 in the morning. There were five of us, so we all took turns playing on everything!! I must say, for someone who was in band and took dance and knows a little bit about rhythm, I stunk on drums the first couple of songs. You have to get used to their rhythm.

The vocal part is great although they could have picked better songs for the Rolling Stones instead of "Gimme Shelter" and David Bowe's "Suffragette City". I love singing to Hole, Garbage, and I think my favorite song to sing is Flyleaf "I'm So Sick". Kev's roommates are too cheap to download songs online, so we're stuck with playing the same ones over and over.

But all in all, it's a great game. Even for those who really don't like video games. I'm really surprised that no one has replied to this thread.
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