Anyone else hate the new contests of Pokemon Pearl/Diamond?

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Anyone else hate the new contests of Pokemon Pearl/Diamond?

Post by Senshi_of_Vision » Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:26 am

Alright ive been playing this game for the last couple of days and I love some of the new changes like actually getting a pokedex credit for sighting and not having to catch all 151 before opening up the Nat dex thats a big plus in my book. But the light hearted side quests that I loved from the other games bug me now. That whole contest thing which I'll admit I became addicted to from the sapphire game I own just stinks now. That whole dance competition irks me and makes it impossible even with building up my pokemon with candies to win anything higher then super rank. Why is the dance competition even in there? I mean DDR is a cool game in its own right but they didnt need to incorporate it for pokemon its just silly and aggrivating.

I'll admit though vying for the judges attention makes the challenge abit more fun, and I dont mind the dressing up the pokemon though the time thing gets annoying as the ranks get higher. Its just that darn dance thing that ruins the whole experiance. Im probably not going to bother with contests no more just building up my pokemon for online battling.
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