Please Save My Earth

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Please Save My Earth

Post by sailor53 » Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:57 am

Has anyone else watched/read this series? I recently finished reading the manga and it has become my favorite series. I wish Viz would release the artbooks too. Here is some info on where to find the anime and manga for those who are interested.

Anime: A six episode OVA, 100 min. Compilation Movie, and a 30 min. Music Video. The six episode OVA was released over here by VIZ media but their license expired September of last year. You might still be able to find it on ebay. You can find the region free 3-disc Korean set Here. On these DVDs the OVA's use the same subtitles viz used. It also includes the Movie and Music Video that VIZ didn't release unsubbed.

Manga: A 21 volume series. VIZ finished releasing all 21 volumes in March of last year. You can find all 21 volumes Here. There were also three artbooks released in Japan. They are kind of hard to find but you might be able to catch them off e-bay like I did. In 2005 the author started Please Save My Earth's sequel series "Embraced by the Moonlight" There are 5 volumes so far. I hope that VIZ will license this series and the artbooks.

Music: For those who would like the Music from the Series there are still 2 CDs available in Japan. The 1st CD was released before the anime was made. The 2nd CD is the 3rd Soundtrack released for the anime. It was released over here by Victor Entertainment, but has become nearly impossible to find.

For those who have read the manga and/or watched the anime which is your favorite? While I like both I like the Manga better. It went into a lot more details than the anime did. I still like the anime but I think it should have been longer than 6 episodes. The Music Video is nice because it shows characters from the manga you don't get to see in the OVA. I wish that they would remake the anime and make it closer to the Manga.
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