Eyeshield 21

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Eyeshield 21

Post by Queen Of Hearts » Mon Sep 17, 2007 5:39 pm

Eyeshield 21 is a manga about the best sport ever. FOOTBALL!!

Sena Kobayakawa has just been admitted to Deimon Private Highschool. His childhood friend, convinces him to join a club. However, Sena is a bully magnet, and freguently gophers for them. This has given him rocket like speed. The sexy as hell demonic team captian of the football team, Yoichi Hiruma, witnesses Sena on the run from bullys and captures him, forcing him to join the club. There is also one other memeber of the team, the large but kind Blocker, Kurtia. They disguise Sena as Eyeshield 21, and plan to use him in future games.

At first, I quite honestly regretted purchasing the manga. It was a spur of the moment type of buy. (And then, I didn't exactly like football). Now, I am so happy I made that purchase. I am OBSSESED with this anime. First off for its lack of useless female charaters (Mimori isn't my favorite at all, and the other one hasn't been intuduced yet, as far as I've gotten).
So far, I've seen up to episode 10 of the anime, and I was surpised how funny it was. I mean, you have Adorable, kind Sena, Bossy Mimori, Sexy, gun crazed demon Hiruma, and the gentle giant Kurita.

So, anyone else like this anime/manga..?
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