So you want to make an Anime Music Video

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So you want to make an Anime Music Video

Post by Bluemax-ct » Sat Jun 30, 2007 10:15 pm

So you want to make an Animated Music Video. The first thing to do is to watch some that have been done already, the good, the bad and the ugly. In some cases a theme can be overdone, such as the Sailor Moon Scout transformations. A huge consideration in your AMV is the music used which can make or break it. My first AMV I made started with the music and I selected video clips to create it with a story line. My second one started with graphics I wanted to present and I tried several different songs till I found the right match.
While watching the videos on YouTube I found that they fell into three types. The first and hardest is having the characters in the video mouth move to match the music vocals. The second is using the music to present video clips and still pictures. A third and very unique type is to add your own subtitles to the video clips to create your own story.
Enough babbling, what will you need. First is a way to input the video clips into your computer. I use a Turtle Beach Video Advantage video capture device which can convert analog video signals from a DVD player and save it to digital format. The next item is a video movie editor software package. Two which are available are Microsofts Windows Movie Maker and Apple's iMovie package. The previously mentioned Turtle Beach Video Advantage comes with it's own editing software. The package I use is Adobe's Premier Elements 3.0. Finally a good book I found for making videos is "Digital Video for DUMMIES".
Now I wish to present some of my favorite AMVs I found on YouTube. Check them out.

So share your comments and experiences. Also check out the subject topic on Anima Music Videos to see other member’s favorites.

P.S. This topic has the approval of TIFF. Her idea is to have us present our concepts and techniques used to make our videos, not just show them off. So in my next posting I’ll be sharing the what, why and how that went into my AMV’s
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