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Sugar Sugar Rune

Post by Queen Of Hearts » Thu Jun 14, 2007 7:52 pm

=^-^= Annyone else like this anime/manga! Its my favorite magical girl series of all time (SM is my second ^^; ) The manga is run up to 8 volumes and the manga is licened under Del rey, the same company that translated XXXHOLiC. Volume 6 comes out later July.
The plot it simple. 2 young witch girls,Vanilla and Chocolat come to the human world to collect hearts, or feelings of love. The one who collects the most will become queen. However, they seem to not be the only ones from the magical world.

The anime I like but it has way to many fillers. But I like the ending of the anime better than the manga's. The animation in the show is beautful. They captured Moyocoo Anno's style wonderfuly.
Rock N' Lovin ( Rock N' Robin in the english manga) is their caretaker. I like him because in the manga it is written beside his openinng pannel: BGM: Immiagrant song- Led Zepplin XD. He is my favorite charater.

My favorite aspect of the manga is all the vast amount of languages used! These are kept in the english manga. Chocolat's name is french for expensive chocolate. Blanca (Vanilla's mouse) is spanise for white. Their attack names are also in different languages.