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Post by Vesta » Sun Mar 20, 2005 9:39 pm


1. Ai Wa Shinjiteru- Usagi's voice rocks in this song. The begining was so eerie and pretty, and then the upbeat music later on really got to me.

2. We Believe You- Makoto's voice is very powerful in this song and she shows a wide range. I was bobbing my head the whole time.

3. Moon Revenge- I cried like a baby when I first heard this on the R movie. Loved it ever since.

4. Golden Queen Galaxia- THis woman can do amazing things with her voice.*_*

5. Makenai- Way more pumping than the first theme song.

I don't think I really have any least favorites.

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Post by kaolinite » Mon Mar 21, 2005 8:47 am

My fav songs are:

Moonlight Densetsu
Sailor Star Song
Sailor Uranus and Neptune
In the Place of the Moon I'll Punish You
Sailor 4 Soldiers, Crystal Power Make Up!

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Post by Takanori-chan » Tue Mar 22, 2005 12:17 am

Favourites: (in no particular order)

1. Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto (Rock Version - TV Size) - I wish they released this version on cd - it is much better than the full version. Why isnt it on the memorial music box?

2. Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute - touching with beautiful visuals - the whole SuperS season should have been this song - (after all it is about dreams)

3. Death Busters - it really sets the mood

4. Sailor Uranus and Neptune - powerful

5. Seipai (Saturn's appearance music) - great instrumentation

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Post by SailorSpace » Tue Mar 22, 2005 1:40 am

My favorite SM songs are:

The Transformation music (especially SM's R transform music, and the Outer Senshi transform music).

The Dead Moon Circus song (just so... how do I put this... cartoony and circus-y!).

Holy Grail (Saturn's la la la song... the vocal toward the begining, and the way the music is just so... mysterious. It fits Saturn so well! It's very beautiful).

Princess Moon (the ending theme for the first season I think. It's the way the singer sings it that makes me like it, I guess. Plus the music, lol).

The Three Lights Henshin music. Something you can definately dance to, plus kinda reminds me of something that would be on DDR... Hmmm... Makes ya kinda wonder, ne? Hehe

La Soldier. For some reason... It seems like, if Usagi and the senshi tried to make head banger music, it'd sound like that. Good beat, and nice vocals.

Moon Revenge. It sounds cool listening to the senshi sing together, in pretty much perfect harmony, and then hear them sing by themself, in yet again, perfect pitch.

Moonlight Destiny. I LOVE THE VOCALS! Weee! The vocals are beautiful, and it kind of sounds like Princess Snow Kaguya singing in the backround.
*On one of my CD's, they made a "remix" of Moonlight Destiny. It had a tropical sound to it, and there were even some parts of it that sound like they were in French. ~.^ To this, I say "WTF?"
"Miko Miko Nurse"
Madamada iku yo!!
Miko miko nurse! Miko miko nurse!
namamugi namagome miko miko nurse!!
Miko miko nurse! Miko miko nurse!
Kaerue pyoko pyoko miko miko nurse!!
Miko miko nurse! Miko moko nurse!
Sexual violet miko miko nurse!!
Miko miko nurse! Miko miko nurse!
Soul train miko miko nurse!!
Miko miko nurse! Miko miko nurse!
Anesan rokkaku miko miko nurse!!
Miko miko nurse! Miko miko nurse!
Riichi ippatsu miko miko nurse!
Miko miko nurse! Miko miko nurse!
Miko miko nurse! Miko miko nurse!
Miko miko nurse! Miko miko nurse!
Miko miko nurse! Miko miko nurse!
Saigo ni mou icchou! HAI!!
Miko miko nurse!!

Oh my god.

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Post by Nocturne » Tue Mar 22, 2005 11:53 pm

Okay, I have lots of favorites but I'll try to make a list...

5.) Ai no Senshi - Oooooooo, very dramatic. Love the techno beat at the beginning.
4.) Ai wo Shinjiteru - I love how it starts slow put picks up the pace towards the end. Great vocals too.
3.) Sailor Star Song - This song is really upbeat and the lyrics are nice. It also brings back fond memories of the Stars season.
2.) We Believe You - Mako-chan's voice in this song is really nice. The chorus is real catchy and the beat makes me want to dance.
1.) My Friend's Love - My favorite Three Lights song. More upbeat than Nagareboshi he and also not as weird sounding. This song is so catchy, especially the chorus. "Motsu to deaiga hayakerebato!!!" I love it!

I don't have many least favorites but I'll name a couple.

Least Favorites:
3.) Fire Soul Love - I found the beat annoying and ultimatley repetitive. It really fails in comparasion to Flame Sniper.
2.) Bai Bai tte Itta - I usually like Chibi-Usa, but this was just unbearable. Way to cute and bubblegum-y
1.) The Power of Love - I don't know many dub songs but this one is notoriously bad and incredibly cheesy. Utter filth.

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Post by kaolinite » Wed Mar 23, 2005 6:20 am

I also like the english song called Rainy Day Man

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Post by Drasha » Wed Mar 30, 2005 5:42 am

1. Ai no Senshi - This is so... Cool.. ( I just love it)
2. Sailor Stars Song - *sob* I want to cry when I hear this...
3. "Rashiku" Ikimasho - KAWAII!
4. Moon Revenge - I heard the midi a long time ago and , and when i heard the real one I loved it.
the real
5. Fire Soul Love - Go Mars!

1. Koi no Senshi ja Umareta - This is so gooooooood
2. Galaxia Gorgeus - Very goldy..
3. Jewel Manages Toujou - He he

1. Uranus, Soshite, Neptune - I love the Uranus and Neptune music
2. Orgel Fantasia Ai no Senshi - Sweet
3. Gasshou Kumikyoku Action - I like it

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Post by Nehelenia's Crazy Fangirl » Mon Oct 09, 2006 3:55 pm

:shock: Another incredibly old thread that I like...

1. Flame Sniper
2. Ai no Megami no How to Love
3. Golden Queen Galaxia
4. We Believe You
5. Senshi No Omoi *____*

Honorable Mentions:
1. Ginga Ichi Mibun na Kataomoi
2. Mayonaka Hikiri
3. Search For Your Love
4. Moon Revenge
5. Watashi Tachi ni Naritakute

Least Favorites
1. Bye Bye tte Itta ( dear god, I always die a little inside whenever I hear this song. X_X
2.Chikara Wo Awasete (her voice always sounds like she's trying to talk/sing with a frog rammed down her throat.)
3.Ai no Energy wo Ubae ( I must say WORST SONG EVER!!! I like the lyrics though.)
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Post by supersailorearth » Sat Dec 23, 2006 9:17 pm

am i the only one who loves " the power of love?" (english dub) It pumps you up.

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Post by Kasumi » Sat Dec 30, 2006 1:26 pm

It's hard, but I'll try ^^°
Okay, let's get started (only the Top 5 and songs would be too hard including BGM):


Anime (Original)
5) Ai no Energy o Ubae
4) Senshi no Omoi
3) Moon Revenge
2) Tsuki ni Kawatte Oshioki yo
1) Anata no Yume o Mita ha

Anime (NA Dub)
5) Oh Starry Night
4) Who Do You Think You Are
3) My Only Love
2) Rainy Day Man
1) The Power of Love

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
5) Friend
4) Here We Go - Shinjiru Chikara
3) Yakusoku
2) Sayounara - Sweet Days
1) Change of Pace

Sera Myu
5) Best Songs Medley
4) Broken Möbius
2) Toki Michite Kourin
1) Tenkuu no Utage

Least favorites

Anime (Original)
5) Koibito ni Hanarenai Kedo
4) Toki o Koete
3) Kaze ni Naritai
2) Chikara o Awasete
1) BaiBaitte Itta

Anime (Dub)
3) Daddy's Girl
2) Nothing At All
1) She's Got The Power

3) Romance
2) Miracle Dance Night
1) Over Rainbow Tour

Sera Myu
5) Yumemiru Mori no Yume no Yume
4) Millennium - Koi no Senshi Ja Irarenai
3) Chouhatsu
2) Double Moonlight Romance
1) Ginga no Sanctuary

These lists may not be accurate, my fav/least fav songs change all the time ^^°
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Post by Star Girl » Tue Jan 02, 2007 6:08 pm


Anime (Original):

1. Ai No Senshi
2. Moonlight Denetsu
3. Moon Revenge
4. For The Princess
5. Sailor Star Song


1. It is such a cool song and so addicting.
2. Its the original theme song, and it is so catchy. I can sing it entirely from memory.
3. Very catchy.
4. So pretty I love that is done with one of my favorite instruments, the violin.
5. As much as I love the original this one is very catchy and it was nice change for the last season.

Anime (NA dub):

1. Power of Love
2. Carry On
3. My Only Love
4. Only a Memory Away
5. Who Do You Think You Are


1. Much as I love Moon Revenge I love this song. It is very catchy and I love the beat.
2. Its a really great song.
3. Very moving.
4. This one I kind of feel a personal conection to since I move around a lot and leave a lot of friends behinds.
5. Once again a very catchy song.


1. C'est la Vie ~Watashi no Naka no Koi suru bubun~
2. Kirari Sailor Dream
3. Change of Pace
4. Friend
5. Here We Go ~Shinjiru Chikara~


Basically the same reason applies for all five of them they are very addicting and very catchy.

Sera Myuu:

1. Broken Mobius
2. La Soldier
3. Link
4. La Moon
5. Private Mystery Circle


Once again a basic reason applies for all of them. They are all very catchy and have a great beat going for them.

I really don't have any songs I don't like, but if I change my mind about that I will post my least favorite list.

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Post by Aishiteru » Thu Jan 04, 2007 4:42 pm

I never bothered to list my faves, but I KNOW the one I couldn't live without is Tuxedo Mirage. I learned it all by heart along with the translation. The lyrics are so beautiful, and the melody is GREAT. You can make fun of me all you want for this, but this is me and I don't plan on changing.
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Post by HighC » Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:41 pm


1.Maboroshi no Ginzuishou-Beautiful song captures the scene it was playing for well

2.Moonlight Densetu- nice song good music great tune.

3.Moon Revenge-Very cool song

4.Let's Fight-A dub song that actually gets you pumped.

5.Sailor Stars theme-loved it especially the first verse where the singer sounds likes she's really into it

Least favorites

1.She's got the power-No just no DIC

2.Ai no senshi-Couldn't get into it

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Post by Alexclow345 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 10:49 pm

I'm going to include PGSM if that's okay.
5-Route Venus-I like Rica's singing voice. It also has an upbeat theme to it.
4-Kissin the Starlight-I dunno why, but I really like this song.
3-Sailor Team no Theme-It gives me the feeling of"The sailor soldiers are going to kick your ass!"
2-La Soldier-See 4
1-Sakura Fubiki-I like the theme and and I like the singer's tone and the melody.

Honorable mentions are Ai no Senshi, Fire Soul Red Alert, Flame Sniper, Moon Revenge, and Eien no Melody.

That's a lot of mentions XD

Anyway, Bottom 5
5-NA Theme-EW.
4-Moonlight Destiny-EW again.
3-That song that play when Amy/Ami is going away in the NA dub- I hate this song because I don't like the singer's voice.
2-Heart Moving-WAY too slow.
1-The first SuperS ending- Still too slow.
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Post by NameGoesHere » Wed Jul 02, 2008 2:26 am

Woo, I need to make a new list. My old one from 2003 is no longer totally accurate, it seems.

Anime Favorites:
o1) Mayonaka Hitori [SAKAMOTO Chika/Yaten]
o2) Honoo no Sogekimono [TOMIZAWA Michie/Rei]
o3) Senshi no Omoi [KATSUKI Masako/Michiru]
o4) Ai no Energy wo Ubae [HAN Keiko/Beryl]
o5) Initial U [OOKI Risa/Haruka]

o1) Very jazzy and spunky. The lyrics are, uh... weird, but I still love singing along.
o2) Too bad there wern't more rock-flavored songs for the senshi. Rei sounds kickass in this.
o3) Michiru sounds mysterious and determined. The "aquatic" feel and the drums really paint a picture.
o4) It's a Beryl song, but it would fit perfectly with the Dead Moon Circus. It sounds like it could be Nehelania's song, if you just switched the lyics a bit.
o5) Ogata Megumi could've done a song like this nicely (as evidenced by her song "Kaze ni Naru"), but I do like Ooki Risa's voice. The song is very Haruka, more so than "Kaze ni Naritai".

Anime Least-Favorites:
o1) Chikara wo Awasete [TSUNODA Narumi/Taiki]
o2) Ashita mo Mata Jitensha [HISAKAWA Aya/Ami]
o3) Dakishimete Itai [FURUYA Tohru/Mamoru]
o4) Morning Moon de Aimashou [Pretty Cast]
o5) Bai Baitte Itta [ARAKI Kae/Chibiusa]

o1) It drags on. Miss Narumi doesn't have a horrible voice, but it is very plain, and they needed to spice up the song a bit to compensate.
o2) This mostly bugs me because it's Ami's last image song, and the softest yet. Something that showed off her determination more would've been best for her Stars song, IMO.
o3) I actually like Furuya Tohru's voice in "Toki wo Koete" but he sounds bored in this one.
o5) I thought "Yume wo Ijimenaide" was annoying, but then I heard this crap. It is trying way too hard to be humorous and cute. Slide whistles must die.

Seramyu Favorites: (just because Myu-Music is win)
o1) Toki Michite Kourin [Eien Densetsu - YOSHIOKA Sakoto/Princess Kakyuu]
o2) Yami Koso Utsukushii [Shin Densetsu Kourin - Whole Bunch O' Bad Guys]
o3) Innocent Demand [Ankoku no Princess Black Lady - ONO Hikari/Prince Dimande]
o4) All Of You Shall Die [Transylvania No Mori - ONO Hikari/Bloody Dracul Vampir]
o5) Ankoku no Madonna [Transylvania No Mori - MATSUOKA Miki/Lilith of Darkness]

o1) This woman has a beautiful voice. The end.
o2) I love the harmony. The layering of the different voices and melodies is smexy.
o3) This song made me wish Dimande had an image song in the anime. Of course, it probably wouldn't have been nearly as cool as this. I am just innocent...
o4) Anything with the lyrics "all of you shall die, damnit!" is awesome in my book.
o5) This song is full of over-dramatic mental instability. You can scare people with this song. <3
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Post by Iced_Cappucino » Wed Jul 02, 2008 8:57 am

1. Moon Revenge-The bet song IMO, so powerful yet so touching.
2. Todokanu Omoi-It's upbeat and makes me want to sing along (despite not knowing a single word)
3. Kaze mo sora mo kitto-I adore this one, it always makes me feel happy and is my favourite ending theme.
4. Maboroshi no Ginzouishou-Sweet song and the scene where Usagi is revealed to be the princess was brought to life by this song.
5. Sailor team no theme-Makes me wish I was a sailor soldier because it's so awesome.

1.She's got the power-How crap is this song?
2. Heart moving-I got sick of hearing it
3. Princess moon-I find it boring
4. Rashiku Ikimasho-As much as I like it I've listened to it too much
5. Chibi-Usa and Elios theme-The insrumental version. Again, I've listened to it too much.
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Post by sailorperkytoot123 » Tue Aug 05, 2008 5:11 pm

These favorites in all 3 areas are in no way my only favorites. I could name so many more that this post would be too incredibly huge.

Anime Favorites:
1. Koisuru Otome wa Makenai
2. Onaji Hoshi ni Umareta Futari Dakara
3. Moon Revenge
4. Sailor Moon Christmas
5. Ashita mo mata Jitensha

1. It's unbelievably amazing. I don't know how else to describe it.
2. It is also amazing. These 2 songs are Peach Hip's best in my opinion.
3. Do I have to say anything?
4. I love the tune and it just makes me happy.
5. I love the tune to this as well for some reason.

PGSM Favorites:
1. Sakura Fubuki
2. Kiss Kiss! Bang Bang!
3. Sayounara Sweet Days
4. I'm Here
5. Kirari*Sailor Dream!

1. Kitagawa Keiko is amazing. The music sounds cool (la la la la), the lyrics are interesting too.
2-4. These 3 are all touching and beautiful in their own ways.
5. It's got a good beat and I like the lyrics.

Sera Myu Favorites:
1. Private Mystery Circle
2. Hitoribocchi no Lullaby
3. Kaikou ~ Lilith to Astarte
4. We'll be the Last Victory
5. Moonlight Justice

These are in no particular order frankly because there are so many Sera Myu songs I could call my favorite.
1. It's so upbeat and makes you wanna dance!
2. This BGM is so emotional and beautiful.
3. I just really like this song a lot but I can't find the words to say why.
4. If I honestly had to pick just one overall favorite I would have to say this song. All the characters singing and the fast pace's just so gosh darn amazing!
5. A really great battle song. I love the music and the Marina and Shirota's voices on the recording are so awesome (the live version is ok too).

It's hard to pick least favorites, so I'll just try my best to list some.
Anime: Maboroshi no Ginzuishou (boooooring), Princess Moon (also boring), Someday, Somebody (boring again!), Kaze ni Naritai (it just didn't feel like Haruka/Uranus).
PGSM: Over Rainbow Tour (it wasn't anything special), Hoshi Furu Yoake (I love Keiko but this song was a bit boring), Happy Time, Happy Life (just...stupid).
Sera Myu: usually my least favorite Myu songs are due to whoever is singing them, but here are a few I just plain dislike: Natsukashi no wa Naze and Nijiiro no Monochrome. These songs sung by children are boring and I can't help but dislike them. I would say Okaa-san te Nan Darou as well, but Mochizuki Yuuta and Shirota Yuu save this song in their respective versions.

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Post by SailorBallerinaMoon » Tue Mar 03, 2009 8:19 pm

Picking up this topic again (Gomenasai to anyone who opposes)

Songs I listen to on the bus, in the car, in my room, and attempt to sing:
Tied for first place: Watashi-tachi ni naritakute and Sailor Stars theme.
Runner ups:
Kaze mo Sore mo Kitto
Otome no policy
Outer Senshi theme(Violin medley)
Heart moving
Moonlight Densetsu.

Least favorites:

Anything from dub(except theme song cuz I still like it after all these years)

Rashiku ikimashou. (Dont hate it but I find the girl's voice alittle annoying and scratchy and it replaced Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute as the ending theme so I have a bit of grudge against it because of that.)