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Post by Artemis » Fri Aug 27, 2004 5:55 pm


S: My all time favorite. I love the plotline, and there was just the right amount of humor and touching moments.

R: This was a pretty good season too. I liked the whole thing with the four Ayakashi sisters, plus my favorite episode is from this season. Although, it just can't compare to the R manga.

C: It might be because I've only seen the dub of C, but I don't like this season very much at all. I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned this somewhere else, but I felt that the end of the season (the ending battle with Beryl) felt too rushed to me, and I thought that the plot was a little weird.

SS: I didn't like this. The few episodes I've seen of this were pretty bad, too much annoying SLANG!! -_- (I've only seen the dub of SS too.) There was too much Chibi-Usa, and let's not forget the evil line..."Pleeeeease, Pegasus, protect people's dreeeeeeeeams!" XP

I haven't seen Stars, but I do think that if I had, it'd be pretty high up on my list.


SS: Infinitely preferable to the anime., in my opinion. Less Chibi-Usa, but enough so that she was still a very important character. I also really liked having the Outers play a role, because I like them a lot (except for Michiru, a little bit.)

R: As I said, I like this a lot more than the anime. Pluto (my favorite) played a much more important role, and her death was so sad!!

Stars: I liked this a lot. The ending was great, and I liked Sailor Cosmos a lot, too.

C: Much better than the anime. I liked how the senshi were introduced.

S: I didn't like it quite as much as the anime. I thought that the anime went into a little more depth about the talismans, and I didn't like the ending too much.
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Post by sailorspazz » Fri Sep 10, 2004 3:14 am

Well, my rankings seem to differ quite a bit from most other people's....

1. Sailormoon classic: The reason I probably like this season the most is because it contains my favorite set of villains. Zoisite is my favorite Sailormoon character, so, well, this is the season where he's found ^_^ The introductions of all the Sailor Senshi are quite interesting, as well.

2. SuperS: A lot of people don't like the fact that it's so light hearted, but that's exactly one of the reasons I like it. They finally begin to make fun of themselves (like a monster finally just smashes one of Tuxedo Kamen's stupid little roses....they're roses, they can't be that strong, yet every other villain seemed to be brought down by them!) This season also contains my second favorite group of villains, the Amazon Trio (gee, there seems to be a pattern to the stuff I like ^_^). Since I don't hate Chibiusa (in fact, this season turned me into a fan of hers), I found her expanded role in the season intriguing, and her romance with Helios cute.

3. Stars: I liked the Starlights (even Taiki!), so I found this season to be interesting as well. And the ending was very well done, I think.

4. S: A very well done season, but it just didn't hold my interest as much as the ones above for some reason. I found the Outers interesting, but I wouldn't say I'm as fond of them as I am of the Inner senshi.

5. R: Even though it's at the bottom of my list, I still like this season very much, and I'm currently seeing it for the first time in Japanese since buying the DVD boxset, which seems to be increasing my affection for it quite a bit.
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Post by Dr. Casey » Sun Sep 17, 2006 3:19 am

I can comment on this now that I've watched all 200 episodes. It's actually pretty difficult to rank them, so I'll just say what I think of them and then give a ranking if I can.

Sailor Moon Classic - This series doesn't really have any downsides. The extremely repetitive MotD/VotD formula wasn't anything to write home about, but it wasn't quite as grating as it would become in later seasons. The show also did a far better job of balancing its cast than the later seasons did; it actually felt like there was a point to having Sailor Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Luna, and Artemis around all the time, and you could be sure that at least one of the minor characters would show up within the next few episodes. Overall I guess you could say it was the most coherent season. There was also much more thought put into the villains; Kunzite and Zoicite had a nice relationship and were good characters in and of themselves, and I like Nephrite's relationship with Naru just as much as anyone else. The relationship between Usagi and Mamoru was done incredibly well; it was fun early on when Mamoru acted as Usagi's bully, and I liked the little moments they had from episode twenty-something on where Moonlight Densetsu would play as a BGM. It also gets bonus points for the fact that Tuxedo Mask is actually rather cool unlike the later seasons, where he's... well, not. I have kind of a soft spot since I think it's really charming and kickass, but I don't necessarily think it's the best.

Doom Tree Arc - I was pleasantly surprised by this arc. Even when compared with the canon material it's a legitimate contender. It had one of the best Usagi/Luna moments (the one in episode 51 where Usagi got pulled into that one portal... and, indeed, one of the last ones), and "Usagi and Mamoru's Babysitting Mayhem" is one of the best episodes. Ali and En were both decent characters with a great departing scene. The only thing that bothered me was those damn Cardians saying their name over and over. I was like, "STFU." And stuff.

Sailor Moon R - I'm not really sure what to think about this one. I'll list the good first. For starters, it introduced Chibiusa, one of my favorite characters. Usagi and Mamoru's little 17-episode breakup was fun, and only after one episode together, too. Mamoru really did handle that terribly, though. "Oh no, I'm having bad dreams, I think I'm going to break up with my new girlfriend and act emotionally abusive towards her." Let's see... other good points... well, it also had the best finale. The final battle itself wasn't anything special, but I really liked the six-parter (or whatever) overall.

As for the bad? Well... most of the villains this time around had absolutely no personality. The four girls' redemption was vaguely interesting, but prior to that they really didn't have any personality traits. At all. Rubeus was a dickhead and he had red hair. I've pretty much summed him up in that one sentence. Dimande and Sapphir don't really seem to be a part of the series to me; they just give me a, "Who are they?" feeling. The villain scenes in R were so damn boring to watch.

Oh, and that freaking clip show was the worst episode in the series. Bar. None. It might have been enjoyable if it was simply the characters' commentary on the history of the series, but most of the time it was just replaying scenes with audio and all. I watched it for completion's sake, but it was a painful experience.

Sailor Moon S - And here I am with the fan favorite. I was glad that Usagi and Mamoru were finally out of Dramaville and were going to be in a stable relationship for the next two series. Haruka and Michiru were both excellent characters, especially during the first quarter of the series (their role decreased significantly after the 90s) and I really liked the relationship between Chibiusa and Hotaru. It's especially poignant taking the whole series into account; it's just a flash in the pain, beautiful while it lasts but over as soon as it began. Usagi's reaction to Sailor Saturn fighting against Pharaoh 90 (and not being able to transform) is the most emotional we ever see her get... I wonder why. Dr. Tomoe was a great character, Kaorinite was decent (boobs lol) as was Mimette, but as for the other Witches 5... er... who are they, again? Yeah, Kaorinite and Mimette were the only two that were really developed, and the dynamics between the five was barely explored at all. Maybe that was intentional, I dunno. The Daimons were terribly boring. Get some personality, kthx.

Sailor Moon SuperS - I'm sure some will disagree with this, but I wish the Inner Senshi hadn't appeared as much as they did. I would have preferred it as just the story of Usagi and Chibiusa; I would have found it artistic to distance itself from the original series like that, and I felt like throwing the senshi in nearly every episode despite the fact they barely had a role was a disservice to the series. They might as well have been like, "I'm Sailor Mars! And I'm going to contribute absolutely nothing to this battle!" whenever they introduced themselves, and due to the bland writing given to them they weren't too stunning on the personality front, either. I thought they were just beating a dead horse.

I also liked the lack of Outer Senshi. I never considered them to be critical characters to begin with who could make or break the show, and it really made their departure in episode 126 feel like a goodbye. This series also had the best villains, bar none. Fisheye, Hawkseye, and Tigerseye made it so that for the first time I actually enjoyed the villain checkup we have every episode, and the comedy from the lemures made them extremely entertaining. Tuxedo Mask deflating that ball lemure with his rose, that one that wouldn't stop talking, the one that introduced himself... XD They were all so great. If the writers had actually tried to be creative like this with the other seasons, the MotD formula would have been much more tolerable. The Amazoness Quarter was great, too. I was scared whenever the Amazon Trio was killed (great scene in episode 149, btw) because I thought the only consistently entertaining mid-tier Sailor Moon villains ever had been knocked off... but my worries were for naught since the Quartet was just as good as the Trio.

I disagree with the popular opinion that the show has too much filler. It didn't really seem to differ too much from any other season in structure, with the majority of the episodes being just for fun and a critical one popping up now and then. Yeah, that's too short for a paragraph... um... oh, I really liked the song in episode 161. It has more thematic relevance to the series than any other song does, and it's just a really fucking great song overall.

My main complaint is the Chibiusa/Pegasus relationship. I loved it, but it was very underdeveloped. It didn't really kick into high-gear until episode 158 or so; for the bulk of the series episodes just consisted of one short, not very interesting conversation between the two when I thought it was supposed to be one of the focal points of the series. Some of the scenes later on, such as the part where Chibiusa says "So baggy..." with that expression on her face were really great and it could have beaten the romance between Usagi and Mamoru in Classic if it was paid more attention to in the series as a whole.

Oh, and Diana was extremely pointless. She didn't even get much development in her introductory episode or the one where she got taken in by that one rich lady, which were the only two where she wasn't just a part of the background.

Queen Nehelenia Arc - I liked this little arc. People cite Super as being the darkest the series gets, but I don't think it's anywhere near as grim as Stars is, especially the QN part of it. I was glad to see the stock footage greatly reduced in this arc, and there was no MotD/VotD crap. Good job, writers, you've finally figured out that there are other ways to advance the plot. It was also in a way the most quissential arc in the anime, with all ten Senshi featured heavily and working together. It seems like a montage in the same way the SNES RPG is. It also has my favorite Usagi/Makoto moment in the series. Chibiusa could have gotten a bit more attention, though, seeing as how she left the series for good after this, and the Chibiusa/Hotaru relationship wasn't developed in any significant way.

Sailor Stars - In the early episodes, I thought the High School angle was done very well. Much better developed than Usagi's final year in Junior High. Of course, the whole school life aspect was pretty much dropped after the 170s. Sadly, the MotD/VotD formula came back in full force, the mid-tier villains were on the same level as Sailor Moon S, and the phange were just terrible after the inspired SuperS lemures. By this point I was just like, "No, please, make it stop!"

As for the Starlights... well... meh. They were all decent in design, but Seiya was the only one that was moderately interesting. They failed to give off a sense of strength like Uranus and Neptune did in Super despite being just as overpowered, I really don't see any storyline relevance behind the gender-switching thing, and Yaten randomly being able to hold his own against Makoto degraded her for no real reason. The song "Moonlight Princess" is good, but there's something slightly depressing about it. Like I said, though, it's a good song, and my favorite usage of it was when Usagi listened to it as she rode in the ferris wheel.

I had begun to take the relationship between Usagi and Mamoru for granted, so it was nice to enter rocky territory again. I didn't realize just how perfect the two were together until I watched Usagi go through her little thing with Seiya. I can understand why Chibiusa exited the series as well, but it felt like there was a void for the rest of the series. Chibiusa is one of the least disposable characters. Not much was done with Neptune's character, although Uranus seemed to have much more of a soft spot with Usagi than she did in Super. She was very gentle and tolerant with her and hell, he even called her kitten. The relationship between Haruka and Usagi was great in Stars. Chibi Chibi was adorable, but she was introduced so late in the series that I didn't care too much.

The finale was rather boring overall, but the final episode was great. The playing of the Sailor Stars theme was really dramatic and awesome, and that scene with everyone up in the sky was just a classic, perfectly-done scene immediately following the end of all the action. The very last scene in the series [spoiler]with Usagi and Mamoru, with Usagi's speech: "I'm Usagi Tsukino, 16 years old. I'm rash and a bit of a crybaby, but in actuality I'm the soldier of love and justice... Sailor no Bishoujo Senshi, Sailor Moon" and then Moonlight Densetsu plays[/spoiler] was absolutely golden.

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Post by Princess Latona » Sun Sep 17, 2006 3:11 pm

It's a tough decision for me, as I don't think there's really a BAD season of Sailor Moon, but here are my favorites:

1. R - It's a toss-up between R and Stars, but as I'm currently rewatching the R season, I'm remembering how much I enjoy it. The Ail/En arc was well-done, and I love the Four Phantom Sisters. (they remind me of all the fights I've gotten into with my own sis.)

2. Stars - I really enjoy this series primarily because of Sailor Galaxia. I think she's an awesome villain and it's a shame the season couldn't have gone on longer.

3. Classic - Also very good, had some great episodes that brought tears to my eyes.

4. S/SuperS - The Dub brought these way down, in my opinion. Still, very good series that had some good episodes.

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Post by Iced_Cappucino » Thu Oct 25, 2007 8:11 am

Mine are (From best to worst)

1. SuperS- I loved this season. Why? because it has my favourite villains, the amazon trio, which always brought a laugh and the Chibiusa/Pegasus storyline was a nice turn from the previous Usagi oriented seasons. It also shows how close Usagi and Chibiusa have become when Usagi jumps off the rock to save Chibiusa's life.

2. Sailor moon S- I liked this season because it had some funny moments as well as being serious. The finale with Mistress 9 was very heartwarming, even in the DUB version. I also enjoyed the S movie where Luna becomes human. : ) (So Kawaii)

3. Classic- The first and sweetest season. Everything was pretty hunky dory and happy. Usagi is at her most childish, Umino and Naru are in this season a lot more. We see the sailor soldiers for the first time. OMG Usagi is the princess of the moon!!! :roll: Oh and Usagi dies for the first time.

4. Sailor Moon Stars- Haven't seen many of these but from what I have seen they rely on comedy and the Seiya and Usagi storyline. Not bad but I wish they would focus more on the plot than on the starlights. There needs to be less Usagi and Seiya and more plot.

5. Sailor moon R- The DUB caused this. I like the original version but find it hard to want to watch it because of the DUB. It seems to be the darkest season as well. Lots of dying and misery. However, I enjoyed 'The promise of the rose', it was a very intense yet sweet film. I also love Moon Revenge and La soldier.

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Post by Kelsey » Fri Oct 26, 2007 1:50 pm

After seeing more of the episodes in Japanese, I don't know how I'd order them.
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Post by Senshi_of_Vision » Fri Oct 26, 2007 9:28 pm

Had to think about it before I did my list here it goes:

1. Sailor moon classic- point blank it was the reason I got into the series, even the crappy DIC dub asside, it was seeing those cartoons in the morning before I headed out to my crappy job that would wake me up for the day. Then when I found Dan's site and got it fansubbed I loved it more. It had it all comedy tragedy and girls who blasted things with fire, water, lightning and energy. The manga to me was just as good and if I had started the books first I still say classic would be number one.

2. Super s- The introduction of the Outer Senshi was awesome the tragedy behind finding the messiah and all that needed to be sacrifed was done well in both forms to me as well. Though I could not stand the end of the series with Sailor moon being challenged, just the fact that it made me angry was enough to show how powerful that season was.

3. Stars- though I definately like the book better the series was the end and watching the inners and outers come together to face their most deadlies enemy, seeing the Starlights and hearing their song (I heard search for your love in my sleep after that series lol) the only thing I wasnt too keen on was the opening song. I dunno why but the opening seasons music annoyed me. The manga made me cry even at the very end I loved this season but alas its my third pick.

4. Sailor moon R- this is forth because Im reserving 5th for the obvious. I didnt care about the whole time travel thing. I didnt mind that the book changed the whole saving the weird sisters thing. I hated the fact that Demando was changed so drastically and Pluto's sacrificed was taken out of the anime then redone for S and that version didnt have the drama. Now if I went by the manga I think this would maybe bump S for the second postion because Pluto's death seen and Sailor chibi moons awakening was an awesome read.

5. Last least and all of the above. Sailor moon SuperS- The only nice thing I can say about this series was the whole Helios/Chibi Usa kiss scene. I liked the Amazon Trio but I think the Amazoness Quartet would have been better as the main villians like they were in the manga. I liked their back story in the book to and they just disappear at the end of the series. Then they kept Nehelania alive to plague the senshi in stars making that whole Sailor moon leaping to save Chibi thing pointless in my opinion. They didnt defeat the bad guy it had to move on into the next series which didnt need an extra bad guy and it was too much comedy that by the time it got dramatic I didnt care.
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Post by SailorStarfire07 » Sat Nov 03, 2007 2:17 am

This is tough.

For first place, it's a toss-up between S and SuperS.

I love S because it introduces the Outer Senshi, and the whole thing with the talismans, Hotaru, Death Busters, Pharoah 90, and episode 125 (seriously I was crying with Usagi as she kept screaming, "Crisis, Make Up!" Heck even though the Japanese always owns the English, they still dubbed this episode well), it just makes for a wonderful, wonderful season. They began it perfectly with Rei making all the predictions, her talk with Usagi, and then the attack, building suspense because none of the inner senshi can destroy the daimon.

People think SuperS is too light and fluffy and full of comedy. While yes, it has those aspects, it also has incredibly dark and incredibly overlooked aspects. I have not noticed a single person in this thread mention Ziroconia. Remember her? She is probably the scariest woman in the entire show. The only 2 characters who probably have her beat are Death Phantom and Pharoah 90, and they're not women so they don't count this time. ^_^ Also, what's so funny about having a personal dream mirror exposed for Tiger Eye to peer into as if he were raping his victim? Plus Palla-Palla is such a demon child. Remember the episode with the dentist office and how she was playing with those dolls? Yeah, it was comedy, but dark comedy. I laughed soooooo hard. Besides, gotta love the Amazoness Quartet. I wish they turned into Sailor Senshi like in the manga, though... well, sort of. It depends if they could actually fit that into the show.

Also about SuperS, I LOVE THE MUSIC! Moon Gorgeous Meditiation is the most amazing attack. I watched Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss for the first time after Moon Gorgeous Meditation, expecting something even bigger and better... and it wasn't. I can watch Moon Gorgeous Meditation for a long time. <3

And I love Helios/Chibiusa. It's such a shame that they didn't get a whole lot of development until later in the series, and I wish we could have seen the 2 of them again before the last episode, but sadly, no. I love the episode where Chibiusa is an adult, though. It's so powerful. :)

Next in rank is Stars. I really enjoyed watching this series, but I wish elements of both the manga and the anime would combine. In the anime, we got too much of Sailor Iron Mouse and not nearly enough of Sailor Tin Nyanko. I loved the Seiya/Usagi development in the anime and I wish the manga would have gotten more into that. The manga was also more tragic, where the Starlights, Princess Kakyu, and the cats all died at the end. But also Sailor Cosmos was introduced and made more sense to Chibi-Chibi's character. Though she was cute, regardless. I did love all 3 Starlights, Yaten probably the least because he didn't develop all that much. Taiki I gained sympathy for when he met the girl who drew the princess. And there was actually a potential shock when the senshi found out they were the Starlights, unlike finding out who Uranus and Neptune were when it was really obvious from the beginning. I also liked the beginning with Nehelania. Too bad Chibiusa and Hotaru didn't get a chance to develop. And too bad Hotaru didn't even appear again until the end. XP Ah well.

I won't bother going into the other 2 because it's after 3:00 AM. All I'll say for now is that I really do love both, but they're on the bottom 2 mainly because of certain annoyances I had with R and just because it was the beginning and they're still introducing everything. It's all great and cute, really it is, but I just don't think it lives up to the other 3 seasons.

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Post by sailor_moon_R » Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:40 pm

My favourite Season is definietly Sailor Moon Super S, although it totally contradicts my username. Well Sailor Moon R is my second fav.

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Post by This Side of Paradise » Sat Nov 01, 2008 5:36 pm

1: Classic: I enjoyed this season all the Senshi being introduced and I liked the Dark Kingdom as the first enemy of the Senshi.

2: SuperS: My favorite season of the entire series, I think the only reason why I like this season the best, is that the Inner Senshi receive their Crystal Change Rods. However Chibi-usa annoys me in this season, but that doesn't stop me from watching it though. :)

3: R: An interesting season, the sisters make the season enjoyable to watch, and it's a nice change to see them all become normal humans rather being killed on in the manga. I would probably put this as my second if it weren't for Chibi-usa.

4: Supers: I try to enjoy this season but I really don't enjoy it as much as the other seasons. Haruka and Michiru introduced and that makes me happy. Sailor Saturn (although briefly) is shown, in this season. And she's my favorite Senshi. I like Chibi-usa in this season I'm glad that she made a friend.

5: R, Mokuji Arc: I love the BGM for the Cardigans, it's a nice season, although I ranked it at five.

6: Stars: Not my favorite season of the series, mostly because Sailor Saturn is never given a henshin, and that bothered me somewhat. Too much screen time for the Starlights. And the Inner Senshi are not featured that much either. But the way they drew the series was wonderful it was all bright and I loved Eternal Sailor Moon's fuku.
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Post by demoneyeskyo87 » Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:35 pm

S - Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru and Mistress 9 and the music(I listen to the soundtrack on my CD player like crazy)!

Stars - No words can describe this season because its just too amazing(the music, Galaxia and of course Eternal Sailor Moon).

Classic - Its the original and goes to show the progression of our favorite heroine.

Well those are what I loved(though the copies of my VCD's are wearing out that I have to nurse them back to health to watch them over again).

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Post by laffinizluv » Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:39 am

S: I feel that this was the shows high point as far as viewership, artwork, story, plot, and characters goes. Everyone gets plenty of screentime and development without overloading on one character too much or underemphaisizing another. The story is well though out and timed. I overall enjoyed this season more than any other.

Stars: I haven't finished this season but from what I have seen I have enjoyed. The more light hearted humor between the inners is a huge plus for me. I like to see what happens outside of their senshi lives. Mamoru's absense and Usagi's possible romance with Seiya is very fun and welcomed. I enjoyed the artworks higher points (the ending especially)

R: Regardless of her first impressions, Chibi-Usa has always been a favorite character of mine from the start. I enjoyed learning her story and her history, as well as getting a good glimpse into the future of the senshi and Tokyo. I do feel the story should not have been so dark and more character development should have been incorporated into the other characters (inners) as to show their connections with Usagi and Chibi-Usa growing as the series moves on past it's original story. I feel that the senshi are a team and their development should be equaly distributed. Otherwise, I enjoyed the rest of the season, especially the plot and it's higher complexity compared to other seasons.

Classic: I enjoyed the original seasons somewhat experimantal ways of dealing with the series before it fully developed into what the later seasons would played out as. The inner senshi's introductions were pulled off very well in my opinion and their relationships to each other were handled well also. I felt that this was the show at it's roots and it did an awesome job of setting it up for success.

Super S: My least favorite, but it still holds a good place in my heart. I really got into Sailor Moon as a whole through SS and my favoring of Chibi-Usa. Aside from it's obvious flaws in several department, SS kept me amused with it's many fillers and Chibi-Usa driven stories.


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Post by Garland » Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:42 pm

Favorites to least favorites:

1.) Sailor Moon S. I frankly loved the Outer Senshi. It introduced us to Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto (who is back from Sailor Moon R), & at the very end, Saturn. Even though they were hesitant to team up with the inner senshi at first, they most definitely helped them out in some ways, & they have been given plenty of screentime. Plus the music was the killer throughout all of this, especially when the Outer Senshi transform. The villains were probably the weakest, which it introduced the Death Busters, led by mad scientist Professor Tomoe and the Witches 5.

2.) Sailor Stars. The introductory of the Starlights was pretty cool, (especially Seiya), plus Princess Kakyuu, and ChibiChibi. As a matter of fact, he was the only starlight senshi to help out the inners & the outers. The other two were just stuck up & stubborn to even help until the very end. Sailor Galaxia & her minions, spectacular. Call me crazy, but I kind of like the anime of Sailor Stars much better than the manga one (even though that one was good as well), it's just tragic to see that

[spoiler]All of the Sailor Senshi die & don't come back just like in the Anime. The ending was good, though, I loved the wedding between Mamoru & Usagi, but all of the Sailor Senshi not being there, was too saddening for me.[/spoiler] The only bad thing about it was that the Outer Senshi wasn't given too much screentime like they had in S. We only seen them in the beginning of the Nehellenia arc, & only halfway through the Galaxia arc, then at the very end. Even if they were there, they don't do too much (Poor Saturn & Pluto). The playing of the Sailor Stars theme was really dramatic and awesome, and that scene with everyone up in the sky was just a classic, perfectly-done scene immediately following the end of all the action. The very last scene in the series
[spoiler]with Usagi and Mamoru, with Usagi's speech: "I'm Usagi Tsukino, 16 years old. I'm rash and a bit of a crybaby, but in actuality I'm the soldier of love and justice... Sailor no Bishoujo Senshi, Sailor Moon" and then Moonlight Densetsu plays [/spoiler]
was spectacular.

3.) Sailor Moon Classic. The one that started it all. The introductory of Usagi, & the plot deepens thicker & thicker the farther it goes, to meeting the other 4 Inner senshi, to discovering what their pasts really are, etc. The inner senshi's introductions were pulled off very well in my opinion and their relationships to each other were handled well also. Not to mention that the 4 generals (named Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite) & Queen Beryl/Queen Metalia were very awesome villains for the start of the amazing series. I cried at the very end of the last two episodes when [spoiler]each of the sailor senshi had died, including Mamoru & Usagi. They have been brought back to life, & that had brightened up my spirits up again![/spoiler].

4.) Sailor Moon R. I don't know, the beginning of the Makaiju arc kinds of throws the main story off & were of no kind of use to the main story arc (but I do like Ali & Ann), which was the Black Moon arc. It introduced Chibi-Usa, who came from the future, & the villains of the Black Moon arc were very good, with the four Ayakashi Sisters & Crimson Rubeus, Green Esmeraude, Blue Saphir, Prince Demand, & the introductory of Black Lady & the Death Phantom. There was just too much drama focused on between Usagi & Mamoru after a while (why Mamoru doesn't love Usagi anymore, etc.) It felt like a soap opera. Plus the introductory of Sailor Pluto was absolutely good, though she doesn't do much in that series.

5.) Sailor Moon Super S. Ah, yes, the infamous series of them all. It introduced us to Zirconia, Nehellenia, the Amazon Trio, & the Amazoness Quartet. Personally, the only thing that I liked about this was the fact that there was the villains, & that the Inner Senshi were given upgrades to their powers & their henshin sticks. That's it. It dwelled on farther & farther from the manga, & that Usagi, & Chibi-Usa, & Pegasus were given too, too much screentime (mostly Chibi-Usa takes charge until the last 5 episodes in which Sailor Moon takes charge again), & that the Inners weren't given too much to do until like, halfway through the series. Plus to add insult to injury, the Outers don't appear in the anime (except through the Special Super S Episodes; see "An Elegant metamorphosis? Crybaby Usagi's growth Diary" & "The Return of Haruka and Michiru: The Ghostly Puppet Show!"). I feel like it's an insult to what Toei did to butcher that.

Those are my reasons. I would've liked to see at least one more Sailor Moon anime where Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, & Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, & Sailor Star Healer, Star Maker, & Star Fighter take on the most powerful being in the universe (I know about Galaxia). That would rock!

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Post by SailorBallerinaMoon » Tue Mar 03, 2009 12:58 pm

Hard for me to pick an order since there are things that I like about each.

(Order from least fav to favorite)

#6: SMR part 1. Its not bad, but compared to every other season, I no like.
#5: SMR part 2.. It starts off strong but by the time Esmeraude makes the scene, I start counting down the number of episodes until S.
#4: SMClassic: Ofcourse I love the original episodes, but I sometimes they can be alittle boring since the season is longer than the others. But over all, very kawaii.
#3:SMSS: Love the Chibiusa/Pegasus reltionship and the animation is absolutely beautiful. Love the villians cause they so colorful and differrent. Things I dont like is the climax happens towards the end of the arc.
#2:SmStars: Tough decision between S and Stars. If Stars was longer than it would be my favorite. Love the Starligths and Chibi Chibi and the Seiya/ Usagi relationship I like because its a break from Mamoru and Usagi(not that I mind them together, I just like Seiiya better).
#1:SMS: My favorite! I watch this arc over and over again because its just so touching and very clever. Introduces my favorite characte(Sailor Saturn/Hotaru) and I love the darkness of this arc. Love the intensity and the comical moments. Plus, love death busters, specially Mimet and Kaorinite.