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Character Ages

Post by laffinizluv » Wed Dec 17, 2008 4:20 pm

For the sake of curiosity and a detailed fanfiction I plan to pursue writing I was wondering if there were any specifics on exactly how old everyone is in the anime... I know we start out with the inners at 14 and in their second year of junior high.

To my knowledge, although I've never had it confirmed, in S we are introduced to Haruka and Michiru at age 16, the inners being 15. I've been told Setsuna is around (physically) 18 or 19...

How old is Mamoru exactly? I've also speculated Chibi-Usa was around 7 when we are introduced to her and 9 or so when she leaves in Stars.

Any ideas?

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Post by Tiff » Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:13 pm

Chibi-usa is in Kindergarten when we are first introduced to her, so I'm assuming she's younger than 7. Probably closer to 5 or 6.

Either way, google is your friend. I found the following from here:
Ages and grades:

Unfortunately, a bit complicated. (Note: I am using the notation 'age 14-15'
to mean starting the school year at 14 and having their 15th birthday before
the next school year).

First, note that in Japan you can count your age as being 1 year old when you
are born, making your age 1 higher than in the West. But this is an old
custom and isn't done much nowadays. It also doesn't fit the information
we've seen. Now, ignoring that....

In Japan, junior high goes up to grade 9, and high school is 10-12. (In the US,
junior high goes to either 8 or 9, depending on the local school system.)

In the Japanese version, the main five characters start at age 14, in second
year junior high (grade 8). They actually have to be 13-14 for things to work
out right later on.

The first two years in the manga only occur during one story year. In the
anime, there are hints that they lose a year after the Dark Kingdom battle.

Hints that they didn't lose a year:
-- Jupiter is in Serena's school though she didn't transfer until well past the
start of the year
-- Molly likes Melvin even though that didn't happen until past the start of
the year

Hints that they lost a year:
-- Episode 45 (original 51) is a cherry blossom episode that happens in April,
and the Japanese school year starts in April
-- The end of original episode 46 has a repeat of the test paper scene from
episode 1, suggesting that things are happening all over again

Assuming that they lost a year after the battle with the Dark Kingdom, the
the anime happens in real time up to the end of Sailor Moon S. Sailor Moon
has her 15th birthday in Japanese episode 101 in Sailor Moon S, which was aired
near her birthday in real time, so as of Sailor Moon S, they are 14-15 and in
grade 9.

In the next season (SuperS), they enter high school--in the manga only. The
scene of them entering high school does not appear in the anime until the
start of Sailor Stars, but Takeuchi Naoko has stated (manga #12) that this
was an error, and they _are_ supposed to be in high school during SuperS. This
makes them age 15-16 and grade 10 during SuperS.

Sailor Moon says she is 16 in the last episode. This means that Sailor Stars
cannot possibly happen in real time, although they _might_ be in grade 11 if
only a few months of the school year have passed.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune were born in the same year as the main five, but
before April, when the school year starts. So they're one school year ahead
of the others (15-16/grade 10 in Sailor Moon S, etc.)

Tuxedo Mask's age is not simple. In the manga, he starts in second year high
school, where he would be 3 years older than Usagi, and thus age 16-17 while
Usagi is 13-14. (You can bump Usagi up to age 14-15, and Tuxedo Mask to
17-18, but this causes problems: first, it means college freshmen are 19-20;
second, if it applies to the anime, episodes 51-101 would have to happen in
under 3 months total; third, Usagi keeps saying she's 14 even after her 15th
birthday would have passed around episode 16, which was aired near her
birthday in real life.)

In the TV series, Tuxedo Mask starts in college. He also goes to America for
college in Sailor Stars; I haven't yet heard of any explanation for this. He
must be at least age 18-19 at the start of the series.

Sailor Pluto is in her first year in college in the manga corresponding to S.
In the anime, she has not been reincarnated and is thousands of years old.

Rini (Chibi-Usa) is 902 in the manga corresponding to the end of S. The
"explanation" is that she is the first half-human, half-Silver-Millennium
person so there are a lot of unknowns. (This implies that Usagi is not an
Earth human even after being reincarnated. The closest the manga comes to
saying that she is one is when Queen Serenity calls her a normal girl.) She
was born when Usagi was 22, so she was born June 30, 2002 or 2003.

In the anime, the Senshi are called Earth humans, and Rini's age is not given,
which means she's probably really her apparent age (not counting any years in
suspended animation).

Sailor Saturn goes to the same school as Uranus and Neptune, but this doesn't
mean she is as old as them. According to the manga, the school goes all the
way from kindergarten to past college. She is also supposed to be small and
weak, which makes it hard to guess her age from her appearance. In the manga,
she starts in 6th grade, so would be 11-12 as of S.

The Sailor Stars are stated to be age 16, and are in the same class with the

To summarize: Under the assumption that the series ends at the end of 10th
grade for Usagi, everyone is the following ages:
Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter: 16
Tuxedo Mask: 19 (manga), 21+ (anime--20 if he went to college a year early)
Sailor Uranus, Neptune: 17
Sailor Pluto: 20 (manga), ancient (anime)
Sailor Saturn: 13 (chronologically, ignoring deaging/reaging)
Sailor Starlights: 16
Sailor Chibi-Moon: 903 (manga), unknown but young (anime),
Sailor Chibi-Chibi: N/A
There's more information to read on the webpage.

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