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Post by Sailormars Obsessed fan » Sat Jun 16, 2007 10:22 am

which one is episode 24?
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Post by Butterscotch » Sat Jun 16, 2007 8:17 pm

Sailormars Obsessed fan wrote:which one is episode 24?

Hey, the Easter Egg is still there! o.o

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Post by Tiff » Sat Jun 16, 2007 10:48 pm

Butterscotch wrote:
Hey, the Easter Egg is still there! o.o
...good god, ALL the easter eggs are still there -_-


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Post by Chase Man! » Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:53 pm

In terms on enjoyment? Pleanty...

But, to the topic on hand, my all time favorite episode is (drumroll please)...

Episode 200.

To me, the episode describes the energy, the heart, and the pure ENJOYMENT on why I love Sailor Moon so much. It had everything! Beautiful voice acting, gorgeous animation (along with camera angles), great music, the right emotion and story telling, the way the "silver crystal" cliche' was used differently, pretty much the pure esssance of the whole show, GOD, I go on and on about it, it's that special to me!

In fact, I love it so much, I pretty much HAVE to watch it (or at least try) every February 8th, when the episode was orginally releashed.

Now, like I said, I could go on and on about the episode (really, I could), but I bet I'll bore some of you.

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Post by SailorBallerinaMoon » Thu Jan 29, 2009 11:25 am

My favorites include all of the episodes with Mimet, episode 125, the episode where everyone ends up at Usagi's house(I think its 185?), and the one in SuperS where they take ballet lessons.

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Post by supersailorearth » Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:57 pm

this is hard... but my FAVORITE would have to be 111.