Question about the episode 21 comparison.

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Dr. Casey
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Question about the episode 21 comparison.

Post by Dr. Casey » Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:53 pm

I'm rewatching the Sailor Moon series from beginning to end (Well, hopefully - it depends on whether my hard drive space can survive it). Today, I came across an interesting quote from episode 23, the part where Usagi is trying to convince Naru that Nephrite isn't a suitable boyfriend. "I'm going to say this with courage, but Masato Sanjoin is a bad person! On top of that, he's not human! Oh, that's not what I meant!"

But the episode 21 comparison...
Neflyte - "You've been studying human sarcasm I see."
Zoisite - "It's required."

Ok, two things that are wrong with this.

First, not funny.

Second.....Umm....sorry to break it to you...but they ARE human. They're FROM Earth. *shakes head in disgrace*
Yeah, I'm guessing that you're right and there's something that I don't know. So, how do you people know that the anime version of Nephrite is human? And why does Usagi say that he's not human if he is? That doesn't make much sense.

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Post by jupiter23 » Fri Aug 29, 2008 9:32 pm

She meant that they're not human in the sense that Naru would have been thinking. She was trying to convince Naru that Nephrite was not a good idea for a boyfriend without giving too much detail away. They technically are human, being from Earth, but they have power granted to them by the Dark Kingdom, which puts them somewhere slightly above human. To me it's more of a "they are but they aren't" type of thing.
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Re: Question about the episode 21 comparison.

Post by Umino » Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:09 pm

Dr. Casey wrote: So, how do you people know that the anime version of Nephrite is human? And why does Usagi say that he's not human if he is? That doesn't make much sense.
Wasn't it mention Beryl and her "forces" came from Earth? Maybe I'm mistaken, I think it was in episode 44.

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Post by Tiff » Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:02 am

Yeah, that quote makes no sense because they ARE human. They came from Earth. They were Endymion's guardians from earth. I've always hated that line, because it's just stupid.

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Post by wink568 » Sat Aug 30, 2008 5:14 pm

I could understand why Usagi, not knowing much about Nephrite at the time, would think he wasn't human, so Usagi's line isn't as dumb. Nephrite and Zoisite, however, should know that they are human.

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Post by Diagnosed » Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:42 pm

What I got from Usagi's quote was the following:

1) Usagi does not think that Nephrite is human. This coincides with the fact that she has not learned any history about the generals' origins as of this episode.


2) Usagi doesn't want to make her friend suspicious. Usagi still needs to make sure that she doesn't blow her cover after all. Suddenly making wild conjectures that would require that either Usagi to be insane or to be privileged to information that Naru is not, would definitely open the door to some questions that Usagi would rather not have to address (i.e., her being Sailor Moon).


3) Usagi doesn't want to freak out her friend XD. Even if she could make up some story about how she just happened to see good ol' Nephy disappear in thin air or something, it'd still be quite a shock to the ultra-naive Naru.

As for the exchange between Nephrite and Zoisite:

I politely disagree with wink568. Since Beryl brainwashes them (I'll find a ref for that...) to ensure their complete loyalty to her before the whole Moon Kingdom ordeal even got started, I doubt if she'd let them keep their identity of descendent's from earth. Honestly, would you really put all your effort into destroying the planet that you came from just cause some Queen is having an ego trip? I mean evil is twisted sure :). But, this is a story of humans *always* prevailing for goodness sake.

That's my take anyhow :p.
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