Your First Encounter with Sailor Moon

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Jusenkyo no Pikachu
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Post by Jusenkyo no Pikachu » Wed Jun 13, 2007 7:42 am

My first encounter was with the doll commercials. Then I saw some episodes while on holiday (the show played on morning TV for a while). Then I got quite out of it, and into other more serious fare such as Evangelion and Saber Marionette J. Then I moved to America for a year, caught most of the dub for Classic, R and S, and really enjoyed those. I also caught this little seen fan series called Sailor Moon T (although that was really really lame--it went so far as to use dub quotes from that episode with the play).

Incidentally, I did not catch more than a few episodes of the SuperS dub (although I was able to catch more than a little of the Fox Kids marathon Jared mentioned--it also included The Nanny, and bumpers for that segment included what I found to be a bizarre quote from the title song)
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Post by hinoreisailormars » Fri Jun 15, 2007 8:26 am

Hm, well, I believe I started the anime first. In Chinese. My parents bought home a box of the DVD's in Chinese dubs when I was around seven. Then when I was eight, the English dubs aired on Cartoon Network. So I would watch the whole lineup, Hamtaro at 3:30 and then Sailor Moon at 4:00! =D Well, what do you know, I became hooked. Not sure what episode it was. But I also have fond memories of going to Books A Million, running to the manga section and sitting down and reading the manga books. I still have 2 of them (volumes 4 & 5) that are pretty much fallen apart from having read them so many times. =)

I do know that I didn't quite understand the series' plot back then, but it was still cool. Now, as I reread/watch, I find the plot just as good.

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Princess Aurora
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Post by Princess Aurora » Fri Aug 24, 2007 4:46 am

I remember the first time time I saw Sailor Moon. It was the episode 'Jupiter Comes Thundering In'. I was about 10 and my mum had dropped me and my brother off at a friends place so that they could take me to school since she worked early shifts.

They had the TV on the morning news and natuarlly both me and my brother complained so they flicked channels until they saw a cartoon and left it on it.

My brother whined because it was a girly cartoon. I loved it straight away. The idea of these teenage girls that transformed into superheros was fantastic. I was hooked from then on. I watched all the episodes up to Sailor Moon R but the other episodes were never shown on free-to-air TV in Australia.

It was 5 years later where I saw the S and Super episodes on Fox8. A couple of years ago found out that there was a 5th series never translated into English and I wanted to watch it so I want on ebay and bought the series. I also ended up buying every single as well as the english translated manga.

I still love this anime and I don't think it will ever change.

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Post by HighC » Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:00 pm

My memory's a bit fuzzy but I know it was when it was airing on the USA network and I'm fairly certain it was the first season around the time all five sailors had showed up it was either Crystal Clear Destiny or Fractious Friends I'm pretty sure.

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Post by Iced_Cappucino » Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:03 am

I had my first encounter when I was about 10 or 11. I had just come home from visiting my nan and I was flicking through the kids stations when I was on Nickelodeon (I think) and the presenters announced that Sailor Moon was up next. I stuck around to see what it was like and became hooked. I never got it out of my head since that day. If I recall correctly it was 'No thanks nurse venus' which I happened to find hilarious at the time.
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Post by rockable » Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:22 am

My first enounter was the German dub around 1995..First season, the Cruise episode, I think. I had no idea what was going on and thought that Sailor Moon and "Jedite" were going to be lovers. After that, I missed all of the show until episode 30, which finally got me hooked because Rei was so awesome.

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Post by AnimatedEvey12 » Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:33 pm

My first encounter was at a Toys R Us, they had these sticker vending machines that had Sailor Moon stickers. Then I was flipping through channels one day, found it on Cartoon Network and I started watching it. I also saw the doll commercials
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Post by demoneyeskyo87 » Sat Nov 01, 2008 11:13 pm

I was introduced to it when I was in NYC back in 1995 during its airings on the WB 11(I was 8 when it it first came out). As soon as I've seen it, it was love at first sight. Then I moved to South Carolina and watched the CN broadcasts in 1998(and I've taped those but I think either I've recorded over those or I've lost the tapes completely), and I loved it even more. Then I've moved back to NYC around the same year and up until 2000 I've saw the S and SuperS seasons too(though I forgot to tape those, my cousin probably has them on tape....).

Later in 2001 when I moved to Dallas, I've gotten the VCD's of the Japanese versions and watched those as well.

Well that's all in a nutshell I suppose, :D !

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Post by laffinizluv » Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:42 am

I vaguely remember catching an episode on Toonami very late at night when I was preschool age... It the Classic episode where Mercury was introduced.

I vageuly remember being somewhat frightened by the Youma but very intriqued once Sailor Moon made an appearance and turned the monster into "moon dust". It was all downhill after that. :)

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Post by Jamesares » Mon Nov 03, 2008 10:01 am

My first encounter with Sailor Moon was back in high school. I was sick one day and was flipping channel and I ended up on The Cartoon Express on USA, they were showing the episode "Treed", since then I have been hooked.
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Post by SailorBallerinaMoon » Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:34 pm

First time watching it, I was about 7 and it was on cartoon network. I wasnt so into at first. I remeber what episode I was watching too, it was this one back in classic when all the inner senshi went to an ice skating rink, I remeber seeing Ami and being like"wow! That chic has blue hair!"
Now, how I became a fan, When I was 9 or so, Sailor Moon S was airing on toonami on weekdays and I was home one day with nothing better to do but watch tv. I was instantly hooked, it was the one episode about uranus and neptunes past. After that, I grew to love it and am now a HUGE fan of the series and manga. =)

Chase Man!
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Post by Chase Man! » Sun Mar 15, 2009 6:45 pm

Gather around children, this'll be a dozy...

Well, for me, It's not really a photographic memory (and it might not be correct), but I remember that during my daily watching of DBZ on Toonami somewhere in 2000 or 200, while the breaks happend, one day, I kept seeing promo about something called "Sailor Moon R" one day, "Sailor Moon S" anothe day (probably a week later), and "Sailor Moon SuperS" (if TDA is right, it aired on a Friday in 5:30). My 7 or so year self honestly didn't care about the movies (I think it was because it was chick focused), but when the SuperS promo aired, I noticed that one of the chicks was holding a younger chick half nude, and once I noticed that (or it was the moment that young chick was scremaing. I thought that would make her nude somehow), I knew I had to see the nudity (yes yes, I admit it). So, I saw the spiecal, not really caring about what was going on. All I cared about was the nudity (though, I wonder on how my 7 year old self would have reacted if the seshi scene was still in). So, I saw it, and I never heard of it ever since...

Flash forward to five or so years later, when I discovered Youtube (that's also a long story). One day, because I was huge on Sonic X and didn't believe, I put in the search box "Sonic X ep 200" (since that was the highest number I could think of). Finding nothing, I just put in "ep 200", and I noticed the blone chick from that SuperS movie. So, I clicked on it, and rushed back out. Then, after that, I thought, "Wait, I saw her somewhere. Sailor Moon is it?" So, I then remember the R movie, took that in the search box, and I had a "rebellion moment" (Mother Simpson). Also, that's when I discovered SMUncensored (or before, don't remember), so from that day on, I became a offical BSSM fan.

That's my story, and I'm sticking by it!