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Post by Jared » Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:48 pm

Well I just finished watching all of SuperS, and I've gotta say... I was definitely feeling the lack of Outer Senshi. Considering I think they're some of the more interesting characters sometimes the earlier episodes felt a bit flat to me because, since I'd just come off watching S, I'd be sitting there thinking "Man, I wish Haruka and Michiru were around right now..." when there'd be a lull in the plot, which seemed to happen fairly often, really.

Another problem I had aside from the seemingly universally agreed upon lack of Outer Senshi was how pointless all these additional characters were. It's not like this is exclusive to SuperS, but it got really annoying seeing all these new faces brought in when you knew you'd never see them again. It was more bothersome than in other seasons because this time they usually put more effort into the random victim of the day characters than in past seasons, so knowing how pointless these characters and their little plots were sometimes threw me out of the episode as a whole.

With those two things out of the way... SuperS did have a lot of things I did like. Nehelenia would have to be my favourite villain up to this point, and I really liked both the Trio and Quartet more than most of the other lower level villains in the other seasons. Even though a lot of pointless episodes did get annoying, they still had a lot of really fun fillers every so often that managed to keep the series entertaining all in all.

What I don't get, though... They crammed so much awesome plot into the final six episodes, all of which I thought were great, yet they never delved into the majority of this stuff prior to all of this! Why not? All of the stuff about broken dreams could've been made into a waaay much interesting plot to carry the 'filler' episodes instead of all the pointless stuff they did instead.

Aaaaand lastly... The final episode kicked ass. It was SO refreshing. I loved the ends to all the other seasons (granted the last battle in R was pretty lacking) but this one was really great in it's own right. Completely different from the others and it made it really interesting. I thought Nehelenia was already defeated after episode 165, so it was great to see the additional stuff in the last episode and see her even end up escaping. I loved the Pegasus and Chibi-Usa farewell too, which says a lot since I really didn't like their little romance much up until that point.

All in all it was a good season and I did enjoy a good deal of it, from the villains, to many of the funnier filler eps, to the six part finale etc... But it didn't have enough to hold it together in between all of that to make it as great as it could have been. A lot of potential, but didn't quite live up to it all. Still really good, but so far it's sadly probably been my least favourite of the seasons.

NOW I need to have a break before I start with Stars, or else I'm gonna end up burning myself out!

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Post by AnimatedEvey12 » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:12 pm

It's not THAT bad, but I do think it gets better later on in the SuperS season.
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Post by smfan423 » Thu Jun 05, 2008 1:19 am

Yeah, I'll be getting to this series real soon (though dubbed...don't worry, I'll watch the subs soon enough).

From what I remember, this season was the weakest. In fact, while I remember many scenes and story elements from SMS (previously seen in 2000), I can't seem to remember much of the second half with the quartet. So I am not even sure I watched all of it. I liked the first half enough, though I really missed the odd coupl...cousins.

I did enjoy it a little, but overall SMSS felt like more of a let-down. Partially as it was somewhat extra-kiddized in comparison to the S dub. It didn't help either that Moon and Mini-moon were rather low on my Senshi list either at the time (both are much higher now, but in 2000 I hadn't seen much of Classic or R)

Oh, one thought I just had is how great it would be to have the dub of this season coupled with the Freedom Fighter version of Sonic the hedgehog on every Saturday morning (and yes I liked that show).

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Post by sailor_moon_R » Thu Jun 05, 2008 5:49 am

SuperS wasn't the best sailor moon season. It could be the worst though. That isn't to say that it was a terrible season altogether. Sure, it was EXTREMELY different than the manga, but there are so many good things about it, but not enough to make it stand out of the sailor moon series. There even is a website dedicated to this: http://www.lizzard.net/SuperS/. The loss of the outer senshi was really a hard hit *does critical damage*. But, someone did say that SuperS had the best ending, and i sort of agree. I like Nehelenia. She is my favourite villain, right next to Galaxia. The only thing bad about the ending was that she didn't die. The villains, in the anime, always die in the end. I remember this happened because Toei felt that since the ratings dropped drastically, then why not let Nehelenia live. If SuperS was popular and followed the manga, then not only would Nehelenia have died, but the outer senshi would be there, arguably(sp?) making Sailor Moon SuperS the best Sailor Moon anime ever made.
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Post by Senshi_of_Vision » Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:26 am

I think even without reading the manga that they took the team focus out of SuperS and made it all about Chibimoon and the mirror saga. It took away from the team build you you got in the previous series that introduced the outers. Took away Nehelina's true purpose as the dark moon queen who cursed the silver milenium and leaked into stars which had a stand alone villianess and didnt need all that nonsense in the beginning. The camp asside cause I still love the episode where Venus is trying to date two guys at once. You dont just introduce Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus then put them on a back burner. They could have really touch base showing more of all of the senshi's alts and their livestyles and made that series more watchable. But thats just my opinion, I love how Tigerseyes, Hawkseye and Fisheye got play but the real villians was Nehelina and the Amazoness and they got the biggest nerf for who they really were, and they werent even brought into stars and it would have made more sense for them to show up. I dunno that whole season just bugs me I love the anime in a whole but I could go without that part. I like the Ann Ail saga in the begining of R better then the whole SuperS season. And that to was another add on but at least it had depth instead of forced slapstick and kiddy drama.
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Post by DreamEmpress » Thu Jun 05, 2008 1:36 pm

I finally got through watching SuperS and can now finally give an actual opinion.

Was it really that bad? Yes...and No. There's a lot of good filler stories in it, but it feels extremely over loaded. Especially with how drawn out the Trio is. I loved how they took Chibi-usa's relationship step by step and we got to see a budding romance, but on the other hand, I wasn't so keen on the fact that Chibi-usa's powers were cut down from the manga.

SuperS struck me as more of a break period type of season. Where they could sit back and throw random stuff at us and loosly tie it all together. Where I loved watching the daily lives of everyone, it just felt a little pointless without more story. If you're going to give filler, why not include the rest of the Battle Exams or some more from the Chibi-usa diaries?

It was hard enough when they left out the Outers, but they were never even mentioned. In the manga, they are mentioned when they're gone and obviously missed. It would have been nice if they had a few side stories with them since they were doing a ton of filler anyway. The fact that they took away the crystal from Mamoru really frustrated me. This was his chance to grow as a character and to be more than just a love interest and rose tosser. I also miss the fact that they left out the stories that dealt with the senshi doing some real soul searching. Where it is addressed in the anime, it would have been more powerful if they could have adapted the manga ones better. Like getting to see Mako-chan get excited about girly stuff or Ami talking about her father. it just felt like a really missed opportunity. But i'm really annoyed how they took Chibi Moon's powers and reduced them to summoning Helios only. She was a very formidable fighter in the manga. And so was Usagi. But this season it felt more like her powers were borrowed instead of her own.

The Amazon Quartet were cute, but I miss seeing them turn back into senshi. And knowing that Chibi Moon has a team of her own. Because that is something every important to her. To know that she'd one day be a lady like her mother.

[spoiler]And we never get to see the corination and I'm still annoyed! It's just like when they didn't show the wedding.[/spoiler]

It took them forever to get to the actual storyline. And then we only get half. Nehelenia just walks away at the end. I'm sorry, but I still think the last episode was messed up. At the end of the seaon, I need closure.

Over all, not a bad season entirely, but there's a lot they could have done differently.

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Post by michikodesu » Tue Jun 10, 2008 7:00 pm

I liked Super S. It was Super Silly!!


No, really, SS was a great season if you like silly and funny things. I especially loved the episode when Chibiusa and Usagi both go to a ballet class and ended up looking ridiculous! It was a complete "mother/daughter incident". Or when they switched bodies and kinda had an epiphany of what "being the other person" was like and how it's not as cool as they thought. I liked those kind of episodes....whether it was "filler" or not.

Now, onto the serious defense of SS. I pretty much like each season because each one has a little more something that the others didn't have. Like add-ons. Each one brought out certain aspects. SM introduced us to Sailor Moon and the senshi. R: Was the introduction of Chibiusa. S: Was the introduction of the outer senshi. And to me, SS: Was the introduction of Chibiusa actually becoming a better warrior like her mother wanted her to be. So what if SS didn't have the outer senshi! They pretty much had a whole season dedicated to them. Did they need another one?

By all means, I'm not trying to sound or be rude at all; not in the least. I guess I'm just being defensive because I like all aspects of Sailor Moon; from the completely silly and obnoxious to the drama and seriousness of it all. I understand that people have more of a leaning towards a certain aspect of Sailor Moon, but all I can say is that you've watched all of it pretty much up to this point, so what makes someone all of a sudden think that a season is worthless just because . . . (fill in with whatever)

One more thing: the one thing that tied everything together for me was the ending. Albeit it was different from the manga ending (which was completely gorgeous even in black and white......and if you scan the images you can make really cool coloring pages....ahem), it was still touching to see how desperate Sailor Moon was to help Neherenia, even though she put her team, Endymion, and herself through that entire struggle. And when:

[spoiler]Neherenia threw Chibiusa off the side of the building thinking that Sailor Moon would not go after her....and Sailor Moon (with a smile) jumps after Chibiusa and as they're falling Pegasus is finally freed and saves them.[/spoiler]

That whole scene to me was beautiful.....call me a putz for sappiness.

I will say that it was a good thing that I had watched the original with fansubs before I watched the dub (shudders).
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Post by _Alexander_ » Wed Jun 11, 2008 5:23 pm

I can honestly say that I'm not a fan of SuperS at all (or Stars for that matter, but that's for another thread, and people have almost killed me for that).

The only thing I like about it is:
-The Amazon Trio
-Only the Inners (like michikodesu said, the Outers already had enough screen time in S)
-Highest animation quality.

What I don't like:
-Too much Chibi-Usa. Yes, this has been talked about to death, but seriously, she didn't have a real point of being in the present. In S, she had to train and become friends with Hotaru. They could've put Pegasus in anyone's dreams, because to me, she felt misplaced. In short, she already had her great moments in the series.
-Villains started to get extremely dull. With the exeption of the Amazon Trio, I haven't cared for a single villain in both SuperS and Stars. They are just there, I didn't develop a "relationship" with any of them. Nehelenia was alright, but she suffered from TOO much development when she came back in Stars. No villain feels so alive like Beryl, Tomoe and even minor villains like Koan and Petz beat them.
-Usagi suddenly got half-retarded. She fought with Chibi-Usa about Mamoru, a phase she seemed to have gotten over, a series ago. In SuperS, it's worse than ever. She spies on him at the Hikawa Temple, an idea they already did as early as episode 15, to a lesser extent but they still did it. Why are we supposed to believe in their strong, destined love when Usagi cannot even trust Mamoru? Especially since she did in S.
-Too many new animation directors with a much more different style than the old ones. Some episodes are designed horribly, even though the quality is better.
-The music started to go downhill from here (and never got better). With the exeption of Moon Gorgeous Meditation and the transformations, I don't remember a single piece of bgm.
-The monster-of-the-day-fillers started to get extremely dull and predictable. It was present in the previous series as well but those episodes usually had massive character development so I didn't mind.

There's probably more, but this is all I can think about in the middle of the night. ^_^

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Post by smfan423 » Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:35 pm

Oh, well I am amending my dislike of this series. It really isn't so bad, though it is weak on action and has no outers, it does have its moments between Serena and Rini (yes I am making my way through the dub). Rini doesn't really annoy me too much this season it seems as it did before. It also seems to be nicer to watch (sorry can't really be more specific) in the second half between Serena and Rini and the other inners; but the Quartet are not anywhere near as enjoyable as the Trio were.

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Post by sailorperkytoot123 » Mon Aug 04, 2008 6:25 pm

I'm still in the middle of watching SuperS in Japanese, but here's my opinion on it anyway. Like with almost anything, people's likes and dislikes play a major part in calling SuperS a good or bad season. It seems that out of all the characters in all of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, fan opinions of Chibi Usa are the most divided (a fair amout of people like her, but a fair amount of people dislike her). So when a season comes along that is strongly based around her (not entirely of course, but for the most part), opinions of it will vary a little more than usual. Personally, I didn't like the focus to be so much on her because R already had the focus on her (which was ok with me), and S had some focus on her, though not as much. S basically seemed to deal with her returning to the present (or past depending on how you look at it) and she wants to make friends like her mother said to her. She finally finds a friend in Hotaru (not literally of course, 'cause that would basically mean Mistress 9, heheh) but then her friend turns out to be the harbinger of death. And then we have a season where the focus on her increases, and although she is the daughter of the main character her importance feels like it goes downhill and yet they keep the focus on her.

As for the humor in SuperS, it really is a nice touch to it, but it shouldn't be the only thing to hold people's interest. It isn't a sitcom or something (Everybody Loves Usagi! Or maybe Everybody Loves Chibi Usa is more appropriate for this season). It definitely was a big difference after S, but personally I liked the dark and serious tone of S. And S still did manage to include plenty of not-so-serious material (mostly towards the first half). The way I think of it, the transition from the serious tone of S to the lighter and a bit more humorous tone of SuperS was like coming out of a long dark tunnel into the blinding sunlight; it was hard to get used to and just a tiny bit annoying.

The filler. I don't hate filler in the slightest, but SuperS kinda overdid it, and after a while the humor doesn't help it. The other seasons usually had more than one formula for the filler episodes (such as in Classic, Jadeite targets people for energy in large groups but then the formula changed to targeting a single person when Nephrite comes in). It just gives it a little more variation. And as for the Lemures, as much as they can be enjoyable when they are silly, I kinda miss the more serious monsters of the day, like in the first season (that freakin' bat woman Kurene comes to mind).

I'd also like to say, SuperS DOES have wonderful music in my opinion. I really felt there was a difference in the new music starting with S and lasting through Stars. Not to say it was COMPLETELY different but I felt there was some definite change. And I liked it.

My last bit about SuperS is the difference from the manga. I was disappointed there were no Outer Senshi. Michikodesu mentioned that they had a season devoted to them so why should they have another. I don't completely agree with that. Michikodesu does have a point that they don't need another season devoted to them, but I don't think that's what people are asking for. Fans just want to see them included, not necessarily as the complete center of attention. They are just as important as Usagi and the others (although the anime doesn't seem to feel like acknowleding that). You might as well say we don't need to focus on Usagi and the Inner Senshi again because the first season already did that, but that is absurd obviously. Of course, this is just my opinion and I mean no offense to michikodesu by disagreeing. Another difference was how the corresponding manga arc had a great deal of importance (mostly at the end). I believe Kakyuu refers to the ending of the Dream Arc when she meets Usagi and is talking about when Usagi and Mamoru turn into the King and Queen, something like, "Oh Serenity you took the prince's hand and lit up the galaxy! Blah blah blah blah yadda yadda how do you like my hat?" But in the anime nothing of earth shattering importance occurs, and so Kakyuu is more like, "Oh yeah, you have that crystal or whatever, so I'll still kiss your ass." Ok, it wasn't all like that but I think you see my point about the lack of major importance in SuperS. Ok this is kind of long so I'll end it here. SuperS is ok, not the best in my opinion. It all depends on your opinion of all the different aspects of it.