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This is the place where all major announcements are posted. It is required that all new users look through these and follow through with what they say and such. Current users should have already seen what's in here and must be sure to check when anything is added.

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New announcements forum

Post by MarioKnight » Mon Jun 21, 2004 9:04 pm

As you can all see, there is now a forum for all site major announcements. Every major announcement regarding the forums will be made here, it will be expected that everyne read here when an announcement is made, and more importantly, follow through with anything that may be said in here. All new members are required to read through this forum before posting, as well as the rules. Failure to do so will be easy to notice. Only admins can post new topics in here obviously, which will only happen when a major announcement is made, and users can respond to those announcements.
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