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This is the place where all major announcements are posted. It is required that all new users look through these and follow through with what they say and such. Current users should have already seen what's in here and must be sure to check when anything is added.

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SMU Freak
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Post by Anthy » Wed Dec 03, 2003 8:27 pm

NameGoesHere wrote:*squeal* Dan kicks all manner of ass! ^_^
Super-Congratulations on getting everything up and running! And even though it's not the weekend, you can still have imaginary internet beer, right?? *passes everyone an imaginary internet beer*

This post brought to you by, Imaginary Internet Beer™! Imaginary Internet Beer™; it's legal for all ages, tastes great, and wont cause hangovers! Buy Imaginary Internet Beer™! We put the "B" in "inebriated" …because without the "B" it wouldn't be a word!
[/shameless sellout to large corperation]

^^; NGH, I sometimes worry about you. Oh, hell, I'll have one! ::advertisement smile:: Superstar Chibi-mod Anthy drinks Imaginary Internet Beer™! You should too, dammit!
Princess AIcon by livejournal user equivalency

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Post by Slrjoecool » Wed Dec 03, 2003 9:44 pm

I'll take one of them.

Damn, now they've got support of the Fat-Guys-with-Nothing-Better-to-Do-than-Drink-Internet-Beer market... Ah well...