Note to All Members

This is the place where all major announcements are posted. It is required that all new users look through these and follow through with what they say and such. Current users should have already seen what's in here and must be sure to check when anything is added.

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Note to All Members

Post by AnimeGuru0 » Sat Aug 07, 2004 11:07 am

It seems necisarry to remind all members that the Admins and Chibi-Mods on this forum are members too. In fact, we are members first, Mods second. As such, unless we're specifically ACTING as a mod, we're not.

Thus, it's not necisarry to get defensive with us, get overtly offended by something we say, etc. Because we're JUST MEMBERS. We're not "picking" on anybody or singling anybody out. Just because a mod disagrees with your opinion or gets annoyed with you doesn't mean you're "in trouble" or that you've broken any rules. You will KNOW when we're acting as an admin. Some mods have already started explicitly stating when they're acting as a mode by using tags like this



You'll probably see more of that in the future. That way it will be quite clear when we're acting as a mod and when we're acting strictly as a member.

Thanks =)